EP Graduate Certificates

Environmental Policy at Lehigh offers five graduate certificates in addition to the master’s degree:

·      Environmental Health
·      Environmental Justice
·      Environmental Law and Policy
·      Sustainable Development
·      Urban Environmental Policy and Planning

To receive a graduate certificate, students must complete one required policy course and three approved 400-level electives on the topic of their choice.  More details on the requirements and courses associated with each certificate are available here.

These graduate certificates are available to graduate students in the Environmental Policy program, other Lehigh University graduate students, qualified Lehigh University undergraduates, and non-degree students.

Urban Environmental Policy Workshop Student Project

More information for interested non-degree students

Students interested in pursuing an EP graduate certificate but not fully enrolling in the graduate program may apply for non-degree status by completing an abbreviated application form online

Those applying to be non-degree graduate students must have a bachelor’s degree from an approved institution with an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 (applicants with undergraduate GPAs below 3.0 may be admitted with the approval of the department in which they wish to take courses). Applicants may be currently enrolled in a graduate program elsewhere or may have already completed a degree at another university.

More information for interested undergraduates

Any Lehigh University undergraduates with a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and in their junior or senior year may take any 400-level course for which they are qualified and have completed any pre-requirements. (Students must also receive the professor’s permission in order to enroll in ES 401 and ES 404, each required courses for certain EPD Certificates.) With the University’s approval, undergraduates can enroll for up to 8 credit hours of study for graduate credit and apply those credits towards an EP graduate certificate as long as 1) the course credits are not submitted as part of the requirement for an undergraduate degree; and 2) courses for possible graduate credit are approved in advance by the course instructor, department chairperson, and the dean of the college. The student must also receive a final course grade of B- or better.

Additional information on constraints on undergraduates taking graduate level can be found in: 
Guidelines for Undergraduates to Take Graduate Level Courses