Financial Aid

Students may apply for a range of financial aid options to support their pursuit of an EP degree.  These options include scholarships, Teaching Assistantships and Community Fellowships

Please note that students receiving some forms of financial aid (such as a Teaching Assistantship) must receive the program’s permission before considering additional outside employment.  Approval will be contingent upon a student’s academic performance and fulfillment of TA-related responsibilities.

Also, the continuation of any financial aid depends upon both the availability of funding and the student’s performance.  The college and the program make every effort to see that resources remain available, and we ask that students do their part as well:  maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average and (if applicable) adequately perform all TA or fellowship duties. 


Scholarships consist of tuition credits only (no stipend is included), and EP has a limited number to award annually.

Dean’s Scholarships are available to new students as they enter the EP program, and pay for half of the cost of tuition for each semester students are enrolled.  These scholarships are based on merit and are designed to help attract the best students to our program.  They may not be combined with any other form of financial aid (such as a Teaching Assistantship).

Thesis Scholarships are available to EP students who need additional time to complete a thesis.  Students may apply to use this scholarship to register for 1 thesis credit hour during their terminal semester.  Requests for thesis scholarships should be made to the EP Director (Dr. Karen Beck Pooley,, 610-737-8504) prior to the start of your terminal semester.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistants provide 20 hours per week of service to the program and university.  In return, TAs receive up to 9 credits of tuition per semester and a monthly stipend for the 9-month academic year (late August to late May).

A more extensive discussion of eligibility for and conditions of TA positions can be found here.

Community Fellowships 

The Community Fellows Program places graduate students with community-based partners where they work 15 hours per week while also taking classes toward a degree.  Fellows receive academic credit for their off-campus work, allowing them to earn their EP degree in one calendar year.

The Community Fellowship is paid by Lehigh University and the community-based partner, and covers all but 9 credits of graduate school tuition.  As a result, the Community Fellow is only responsible for 3 credits of tuition in both the fall and spring semesters, and 3 credits of tuition in the summer session.

Applicants interested in a Community Fellowship should submit a letter stating so along with their regular application to EP.  More information on the Community Fellows Program is available here.