From Environmental Policy at Lehigh to the Workforce

A Strong Foundation for Environmentally-Related careers

The Environmental Policy program positions graduates well for life after Lehigh by providing students with the tools to analyze policies in unconventional ways and provide non-traditional solutions to stubborn problems.  Our graduates tell us that the program’s interdisciplinary approach, and their exposure to environmental problems and solutions from several perspectives gives them a significant advantage on the job market.

Substantial Environmental Hands-on Experience

Community-based internships, independent research projects, and service learning opportunities give Environmental Policy students several ways to get hands-on experience with the issues and in the fields they plan to move into after graduation.  Each year, as they run educational programming, create community gardens and parklets, manage farmers’ markets, draft policies that promote environmental sustainability, and evaluate the overall environmental quality of places throughout the Lehigh Valley, EP students are both gaining necessary skills and also directly shaping the local environment and quality of life.

Many Possible Environment Career paths

Armed with these academic and professional skills, our graduates are well prepared for Ph.D. programs (in fields such as public health, environmental studies, and international politics) as well as public and private sector policy work (at nonprofit organizations, government agencies, research institutes and consulting firms). 

A Growing Network of Environmental Career Alumni

Collectively, our graduates are part of a growing network of individuals making a positive impact on the environment and communities around the country and the world.  We connect current students to this network through informal gatherings and online exchanges.  Ensuring that current students can easily tap graduates’ expertise (about the program and the job market) helps maximize their success while at Lehigh and beyond.