Media Specialist

Recent Environmental Policy graduate Margaret Wilson is now a Content Creation and Media Relations Specialist at Rodale Institute, where she is in charge of writing content for Rodale Institute publications, webpages and press releases, and manages media and interview requests for the Rodale Institute staff.  Prior to this, she served as the Mid-Atlantic Conservation Policy Manager for the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) in Bethlehem, a job that built directly off of her internship with AMC while a student in the program.  At AMC, she managed environmental policy initiatives like the Land and Water Conservation Fund and Highlands Conservation Act, as well as coordinated a coalition of environmental partners.
Margaret explains that “Pursuing the internship track during the EP program was instrumental in my subsequent career success. I was able to tailor my two internships to gain the skills I needed in the non-profit field, as well as expand my networking circle and better understand the environmental field in the Lehigh Valley. Experience I gained in my internships directly led to me getting jobs after graduation, which I would not have been as qualified for otherwise.  The EP program at Lehigh was a great way to focus my interest in the environment and restructure my professional path, as well as become re-engaged with the Lehigh Valley community I grew up in.”